New Zealand Cartographic Society

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About NZCS

 About NZCS


Aims of NZ Cartographic Society

The New Zealand Cartographic Society's mission is to promote the development of cartography. The Society is an open association for those individuals and organisations with an interest, passion and excitement in the study, production and use of maps.


The main aims of the Society are:

  • to bring together all persons interested in cartography
  • to promote and encourage the science of cartography in all its aspects
  • to create a forum for the expression of new ideas
  • to inform the public of the role of cartography
  • to conduct discussions, seminars and lectures
  • to actively investigate advances in cartography
  • to establish and maintain contacts with other similar bodies world-wide




NZCS Committee

The members of the NZCS Committee are:

President Geoff Aitken
Vice President Igor Drecki
Secretary Antoni Moore
Treasurer Lesley Murphy

Michelle C
Pip Forer
Graeme Jupp
Tim Nolan
Roger Smith

Andrew Steffert




Former Presidents of the Cartography Society

The New Zealand Cartographic Society Inc was formed on 23 February 1971.

Presidents of the Society since 1971:


Prof Don McKenzie


George Thorn


Dr Ian Reilly


Robin B Phillips


Geoff Aitken