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General Assembly

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ICA - General Assembly



Background Information

The General Assembly of Delegates of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) is formed by the Executive Committee and the principal delegate of each member nation and their deputies, who are able to attend. Additional delegates may attend the General Assembly of Delegates as observers. It is held every four years in conjunction with the ICA International Cartographic Conference.

The agenda of every General Assembly of Delegates is to be decided upon by the Executive Committee. It is communicated to the member nations (national organisations) three months before the General Assembly of Delegates takes place.



ICA General Assemblies 1961-2007

15th General Assembly of ICA
2011 Paris, France

14th General Assembly of ICA | website
2007 Moscow, Russia
NZ Representative: Igor Drecki | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

13th General Assembly of ICA (Extraordinary)
2005 A Coruna, Spain
NZ Representative: Igor Drecki

12th General Assembly of ICA
2003 Durban, South Africa
NZ Representative: Igor Drecki

11th General Assembly of ICA
1999 Ottawa, Canada
NZ Representative: Igor Drecki

10th General Assembly of ICA
1995 Barcelona, Spain
NZ Representative: Clive Solomon

9th General Assembly of ICA
1991 Bournemouth, United Kingdom
NZ Representative: Geoff Aitken

8th General Assembly of ICA
1987 Morelia, Mexico
NZ Representative: Jim Hall

7th General Assembly of ICA
1984 Perth, Australia
NZ Representative: Duncan McCormack

6th General Assembly of ICA
1980 Tokyo, Japan
NZ Representative: Laurie Lee

5th General Assembly of ICA*
1976 Moscow, USSR
NZ Representative: Ronald Lister

* At the 5th General Assembly in Moscow, New Zealand had been elected a full member of the International Cartographic Association. Professor Ronald Lister from the University of Otago acted as the NZ representative while attending the International Geographical Union meeting at the same time.

4th General Assembly of ICA
1972 Ottawa, Canada

3rd General Assembly of ICA
1968 New Delhi, India

2nd General Assembly of ICA
1964 Edinburgh, United Kingdom

1st General Assembly of ICA
1961 Paris, France

Foundation Meeting
1959 Bern, Switzerland

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