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Children's Map Competition: Competition Details

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More details about the competition

The Barbara Petchenik Award was created by the International Cartographic Association (ICA) in 1993 as a memorial for the late Dr. Barbara Bartz Petchenik, a past Vice President of the ICA, and the first woman to gain this office.  She was a famous American cartographer, map designer and theoretician.  During her accomplished life, Dr. Petchenik contributed significantly to the development of cartographical research on maps for children and children as cartographers.    The Children’s Map Competition was created to honour her efforts.

The awards are given every two years during the biennial international congress of the association (the ICA conference). The awarded drawings are submitted to UNICEF for consideration as greeting cards. A country’s entries must first be submitted to the national competition.  The NZ competition is organised by the New Zealand Cartographic Society, who will receive entries until Thursday 28th March 2013.  From the national submissions, a maximum of six national winners will be selected to represent their county at the international competition.  Winning NZ entries are forwarded on to the ICA Secretariat by end of April of that year for consideration.  All finalists from the international competition are sent to Carleton University Library in Ottawa, Canada, where they are archived and made available for viewing on the Web.

The aims of the competition are to promote children’s creative representation of the world in graphic form, to enhance their cartographic awareness and to make them more conscious of their environment.  Themes are chosen for the competition to give participants a starting point for the message of their maps.  Organisers choose themes that will provoke children to think about their national identity and its place within the world community.

The children should create a map of the world that addresses the theme of this year’s Competition: "My Place In Today’s World", both graphically and through its title.  Any manually-created medium is acceptable provided it is not bigger than A3, and does not protrude more than 5mm from the page.  At least one ICA award will be given to children younger than 9 and at least one to those between 9 and 12 years of age.

The entries will be collected in four age groups:

·         under 6 years old

·         6-8 years old

·         9-12 years old

·         13-15 years old

The international judging will focus on three criteria:

 1) a recognizable message,

2) cartographic content, and

3) the quality of execution.

Some graphic specifications and limitations are spelled out in the Competition announcement that is available at the ICA web site:

Send your entry to:  Michelle Cooper                                                                                           Entries Due: 28th Mar 2013
                                                c/o Airways Corporation, P O Box 294, Wellington 6140


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