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260 Booklet: Further Reading

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New Zealand Cartographic Journal Articles


  Title Author Issue, Date   Download Size
1 New Zealand Cartographic Journal, vol.1 no.2 Various Authors Vol.1, No.2, Dec.1971 PDF (3336 kb)
2 New Zealand Cartographic Journal, vol.2 no.3 Various Authors Vol.2, No.3, Oct.1972 PDF (1063 kb)
3 New Zealand Cartographic Journal, vol.3 no.2 Various Authors Vol.3, No.2, Jul.1973 PDF (998 kb)
4 New Zealand Cartographic Journal, vol.4, no.1 Various Authors Vol.4, No.1, Mar.1974 PDF (823 kb)
5 New Zealand Cartographic Journal,vol.5, no.2 Various Authors Vol.5, No.2, Aug.1975 PDF (987 kb)
6 New Zealand Cartographic Journal,vol.9, no.2 Various Authors Vol.9, No.2, Mar.1980 PDF (4527 kb)
7 New Zealand National Base Topographical Mapping: from a photogrammetric point of view Peter Stewart Vol.12, No.2, Feb.1983 PDF (752 kb)
8 The 1:50,000 Topographical Map Series Bill Drake Vol.13, No.1, Jul.1983 PDF (196 kb)
9 The "Ground Truth" of the New Zealand National Topographical Base Map Peter Stewart Vol.17, No.2, Dec.1987 PDF (248 kb)
10 New Zealand's Topographic Database: where to next? Geoff Howard, Geoff O'Malley and Robin Pickering Vol.22, No.1, 1992 PDF (721 kb)
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