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Welcome to MDW'2018

Discovering ArcGIS

The New Zealand Cartographic Society is proud to present another exciting two-day Map Design Workshop to be held 3-4 September 2018. It will be hosted at Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Campus.

MDW'2018 is designed for anyone wishing to know how to make and share maps using the ArcGIS platform. It will focus on mapping in the context of a modern web GIS, covering the wide range of mapping capabilities available with ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online.

This workshop will be of interest to a diverse audience, including attendees from academia, the government sector, the private sector, and non-government organizations. The presentations will cover relevant conceptual ideas, descriptions of methods, and diverse and useful examples of ArcGIS in action. Participants will be given the background necessary to understand how ArcGIS could be used to map their own data, answer their own questions, and solve their own problems. The workshop will include a variety of tutorials and reference online resources that allow participants to try out the methods described to create their own maps and apps.


Outline of the course (subject to change):

  1. Mapping in ArcGIS
    • The ArcGIS concept of mapping & mapping with the ArcGIS platform
  2. What You Map
    • Data for mapping
    • The ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World
  3. Reference Mapping
    • The variety of reference map types
    • Features and attributes → symbols and labels
  4. Thematic Mapping
    • Thematic mapping methods & page layouts
  5. Mapping Time
    • Time-enabled layers
  6. 3D Mapping
    • Scenes & Animations
  7. Web Maps and Apps
    • Web maps / Web map layers / Web apps
  8. Story Maps
    • Story map apps / Web app builder
  9. Smart Mapping
    • “Standard” smart mapping
    • Mapping predominance
    • Relationship mapping
  10. Vector Basemaps and Customization
  11. Firefly Cartography and Beyond
    • Firefly cartography / Hexmaps / Additional hot topics

Workshop Presenter

Dr. Aileen Buckley
Dr. Aileen BuckleyESRI
Dr. Aileen Buckley
Dr. Aileen BuckleyESRI
Research Cartographer - ESRI

Aileen has been a research cartographer with ESRI since 2003 and a professional cartographer for over 30 years. She is currently both the chair of the U.S. National Committee to the International Cartographic Association (ICA) and a U.S. Delegate to the ICA.

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Dr. Aileen Buckley
Dr. Aileen BuckleyESRI
Dr. Aileen Buckley
Dr. Aileen BuckleyESRI
Research Cartographer - ESRI

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Skill Level

MDW'2018 is suitable for a range of skill levels. Its purpose is to introduce attendees to ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online, so the course will be most useful to those not already well-versed in these.


MDW'2018 will be held in Computer Lab KK216 (Kirk Building) at Victoria University of Wellington's Kelburn Campus. The workshop dinner will be in the central city at a restaurant to be announced.



This course will run from 09:00 to approximately 17:30 each day. Please arrive at the the venue by 08:45 on Monday morning to check-in and set up your workstation.

The workshop dinner will begin at 18:30 on Monday (venue to be announced at the workshop).

Important Dates

No refunds after 17 Aug 2018
Registration close
24 Aug 2018

Important Dates

No refunds after 17 Aug
Registration close
24 Aug

Packages & Fees

Workshop registration does not include lunches. There are several eatery options near the venue or participants may bring their own consumables.

* Valid student identification required; discounted student rate does not include the Workshop Dinner

Full Registration

  • Workshop participation
  • Morning/afternoon refreshments
  • Workshop Dinner (3 Sept)

Student Registration *

  • Workshop participation
  • Morning/afternoon refreshments


In the event you are unable to attend the workshop, you may reassign your registration to another person without charge. If requesting a refund, the following rules apply:

  • Written cancellation received by 17 August 2018: 90% refund
  • No refunds will be given after 17 August 2018
Please submit your cancellation to geocart@cartography.org.nz. Be sure to specify if you are requesting a transfer or refund.