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Registration Terms and Conditions


All registrations are considered pending until correct payment has been received and approved. Discounted student and senior (65 and older) registrations are subject to eligibility requirements and review. 


All ticket packages qualify for a 25% discount if registration is submitted before the Early Registration deadline. This discount applies only to ticket packages and is automatically applied at registration.

Current NZCS and ANZMapS members qualify for a $50 discount on ticket packages. This is only applied when logged into the NZCS website under an active subscription or guest account while registering.

Approved Principal Authors of full papers and posters qualify for a 10% discount on ticket packages. Claiming this discount requires a registration coupon to be obtained from the Programme Committee before registering.

Ensuring the correct coupon is entered and/or the NZCS website is logged into before registering is the responsibility of the registrant. Failure to obtain/use coupons or register under an appropriate account will result in forfeiture of the relevant discount.

Early registration, society membership, and Principal Author discounts may all be claimed by a single registrant, but not more than one of each. The total discount is the cumulative sum of each reduction as calculated from the chosen package price. Discounts are only applicable to registrations submitted and paid in full before the conference opens. Tickets purchased at the conference door will be charged full price.


Payments may be made by either electronic bank transfer (NZ residents only) or through PayPal. PayPal transactions are subject to a processing fee of 3.6% of the balance plus $0.45 per transaction. 

Refunds & Transfers

GeoCart registrations may be transferred to another person free of charge. Cancellations are refunded per the following guidelines: 

  • Written cancellation received by 02 August 2024: 90% refund
  • Written cancellation received by 09 August 2024: 50% refund
  • No refunds will be given after 09 August 2024


Registrants may be asked to show photo identification when checking in to the conference. All participants must wear their conference ID badges for the duration of the event; entry to the auditorium and session rooms will be denied to individuals not displaying a valid badge.

Photography & Video

Photographs and video footage will be collected during the conference for promotional purposes. By registering for the conference the registrant gives permission for their likeness to be used in promotional materials produced by the New Zealand Cartographic Society. 

Personal Details & Privacy

The GeoCart organisers value the privacy of our conference attendees. By registering for the conference the registrant gives permission to be added to the GeoCart email list and for the following personal details to be shared publicly in conference-related print and digital media: name, email, city, country, position, and organisation. No other details provided during registration will be shared with any third party without the written permission of the registrant. Registrants may request to opt-out of the mailing list or for additional details to be withheld from publication by contacting geocart@cartography.org.nz.

Harassment & Behaviour Policy

The GeoCart organisers are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all. GeoCart participants and staff are expected to act in a professional and courteous manner at all times. Discrimination, harassment, and unsociable behaviour will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: intimidation; stalking; verbal harassment regarding disability, gender or gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, race, nationality, or religion; inappropriate physical contact; unwelcome sexual advances; and encouragement of any of the aforementioned. All inappropriate behaviour should be immediately reported to GeoCart staff. Registrants deemed to be violating this policy may be warned or expelled from the conference at the discretion of GeoCart staff. Expelled attendees will immediately have their registration cancelled without refund. Severe violations may result in a lifetime ban from all future GeoCart events.

Daily Catering

All ticket packages include daily catered lunch and morning and afternoon tea. Catering quantities are limited; only registrants are entitled to catered food and beverages. Any persons without conference identification seen consuming catered food or beverages should immediately be reported to GeoCart staff. Registrants who encourage non-registered persons to consume catered food or beverages may be subject to penalties at the discretion of GeoCart staff. These penalties include, but are not limited to, the following: financial liability for additional catering costs, immediate cancellation of their registration, and referral to legal authorities for theft.

Registrants are responsible for declaring any food allergies or dietary concerns in the appropriate field of the registration form. Special catering orders will be placed to provide appropriate lunch and tea break options for these registrants. NZCS takes no responsibility for providing catering for undisclosed dietary needs or for errors made by the caterer. 

Registrants are welcome to bring their own consumables to the event, though possession restrictions may apply in some areas of the venue. Under no circumstances may registrants bring consumables to the Ice Breaker reception or the Gala Dinner.

Personal Property

Registrants are responsible for any personal property brought to the conference. NZCS and the host venue are not liable for theft or damage to personal property.

Programme & Schedule

The conference programme and schedule are subject to change at any time. Presentations may be substituted or cancelled without warning.